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Fantastic Adventure on the Slopes of Mauna Kea.  My future son-in-law and I had the enjoyment of a remarkable hunt at Parker Ranch.

I’ve been coming to Hawaii for quite some time, and my daughter and her fiancé live on Oahu.  I’m an avid hunter on multiple continents, so I perceived Hawaii hunting as maybe less exciting than I was used to.  I was clearly mistaken.  We did a day ‘meat hunt’ (6 animals, very reasonable cost) on the massive Parker Ranch.  The beauty of the ranch is amazing, with the terrain rugged but manageable and the animals plentiful and wary.  We started early in Waimea and drove the ranch, then boarded an SUV and drove up (to get out of the weather) Mauna Kea.  We’d ‘stalk and shoot’ with a combination of long and close shots.  The scale of Parker ranch is amazing, with 130,000 acres on the Big Island.  From the early morning circling of the Pueos (Hawaiian owls) to the majesty of vistas (we went up to 6,000 feet), the experience was profound. Our Guide was very professional, fun, and very knowledgeable.  He was a true steward of the land, as the Parker hunt operation is an integral part of the whole Parker land management.  Every aspect of the hunt and ranch was toward improvement and preservation of the land.  My son-in-law got his first three big game animals with a pig and two sheep (Mouflon/feral cross).  As a bonus, we took the meat back to Oahu and had Kalua pork, back bacon, and roast legs of lamb.  I highly recommend Parker Ranch and I’ll be back, next time for a trophy ram.”

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