Hunt at Parker Ranch Hawaii


Unique and Stunning Hunting Environment

In addition to being the birthplace of Hawaii ranching, Parker Ranch is comprised of 130,000 plus acres of beautiful pastures and wildlife habitat. Under the shadow of Mauna Kea, the world’s tallest mountain from its underwater base to its summit (13,796 feet), big game, wild turkeys and upland birds thrive.

What Makes Parker Ranch Hunting Unique?

  • Parker Ranch has a wide variety of game birds found in few other locales.
  • Three species of francolins are present on the Island and can be hunted on the Ranch.
  • Wild turkeys are plentiful and can be hunted along with other game species during the fall season.
  • Terrain is picturesque, varied, and navigable to wide variety of hiking skills.
  • Parker Ranch enjoys a pleasant climate, with no poisonous snakes, poison oak, or troublesome insects.

Parker Ranch Physical Location

Parker Ranch is located off of Hwy 190 in the heart of the upcountry town of Waimea, just a short 35 minute drive from many of the Kohala Resorts. If you need additional directions please call 1-877-885-7999, Monday thru Friday, 8am – 4pm (HST).