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Parker Ranch Hunting

Parker Ranch Hunting

Parker Ranch is happy to announce the return of guided hunting tours on the Big Island of Hawaii. Parker Ranch comprises approximately 130,000 acres of varying terrain stretching from the ocean to 8,000 feet of elevation on the slopes of Maunakea.

Harvesting an animal on Parker Ranch is truly a bonus as your guided hunt offers you unparalleled scenic views of the island of Hawai`i.

Big Game Hunts

Mouflon Sheep, Mouflon Hybrid Sheep, Pigs, and Goats are available for harvest on Parker Ranch guided hunting tours. The hunt fee is $2,000 for the first hunter, $1,000 for a second hunter. The hunt fee allows you to harvest all 3 big game species.  There is a $500 harvest fee per animal. Ram and Billy trophy fees apply. Firearms and ammunition are provided free of charge. Archery hunters will need to provide their own equipment. Lunch, drinks, and snacks are provided. Calls will be answered by one of the Hunting Guides.

Mouflon and Mouflon Hybrid Mouflon Sheep are the most prized mammal species on the island of Hawaii. They have exceptional eyesight and an awareness to stay just beyond the effective distances of Archery or Rifle Hunting. Trophy rams have been harvested with horns above 35 inches in length. One ram is allowed per hunt with trophy fees for rams above 25 inches of horn length. Smaller rams below 25 inches of horn length carry the standard harvest fee of $500.  The Trophy fee replaces the harvest fee.

Goats have made a home for themselves on all parts of the island. They tend to be less wary than Mouflon Sheep making them an easier target via bow. One Billy is allowed per hunt. Large males can have impressive sweeps and curls in their horns with long beards and heavily muscled front quarters. The standard $500 harvest fee applies for a Billy up to 30″ of horn length.  A Billy above 30″ of horn length will carry a trophy fee that replaces the harvest fee.

Frequently nocturnal in nature, pigs on Parker Ranch can routinely be spotted feeding during cool periods of the day allowing for pigs to be harvested with a bow or rifle via spot and stalk. Boars have been harvested with knife like sharpened tusks bright white in color and over 5 inches in length. Course hair, sharp tusks, a protective shield, and their aggressive demeanor make for an exciting hunt. The standard $500 harvest fee applies.

Meat Only Hunts are available for sale please contact us for details.  Ewes, Nanny Goats, Sows, and Non-Typical Rams may be harvested on Meat Only Hunts.  Typical Rams, Billy Goats, and Large Boars may not be harvested on Meat Only Hunts.  Lunch is not provided on the Meat Only Hunts due to the discounted price.

Turkey Hunts

The Spring Turkey Hunt for wild Rio Grande Turkey runs from March 1st to April 15th.  The hunt fee is $1500 USD for the first hunter and $1000 for a second which allows the harvest of a single Tom by each hunter.  Additional Toms may be purchased by either or both hunters for an additional $1000 each.  The state limit is 3 Toms per hunter and all 3 can be harvested in the same day.  We recommend you purchase 3 tags each from Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources which gives you the option to bag out.

Upland Bird Hunts

Coming Fall 2024!


Firearms Registration

Hawaii Law requires you to register your firearm the first time you import it into the state. Registrations can be scheduled with any district police department with appointments being scheduled via phone call.

Hunting License

Hawaii Law requires you to acquire a valid Hawaii Hunting License. The Non-resident Exemption Request Form and Hawaii Hunting License info and purchase can be done here. Purchase a Hunting License ( or by visiting one of the Division of Forestry and Wildlife offices. This process is best done well in advance of the scheduled hunt to allow for sufficient processing time. You can also complete the Hawaii Hunter Safety Course online at Hawaii Online Hunter Safety Course |

Filming on Parker Ranch

Parker Ranch does not allow filming/videoing on the ranch without the payment of a commercial filming fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of attire do you recommend?
Hiking shoes, waterproof jacket, camouflage wear, a hat and sunscreen.

What kind of gear do you recommend I bring (not required)
Binoculars, a day pack with water storage, knife, and a GPS.

Can I take home my harvested meat?
Yes, guides will assist you with meat preparation.

What kind of firearms are available?
We have Remington bolt action rifles with Leupold scopes chambered in .243, .270, .308 and .300 win mag.

How far will my shots be?
Your guides will do whatever possible to get you within a comfortable range. Generally, inside of 300 yards.

What happens if I cancel my hunt?
If cancellation happens more than 2 weeks in advance of hunt date, a full refund minus processing fees will be given.  Hunts cancelled less than 2 weeks but before 72 hours will forfeit 50% of the hunt fee and processing fees.  Hunts cancelled less than 72 hours from the scheduled hunt date receive no refund.

How long do hunts normally last?
Hunts generally begin before sunrise and are completed in 10 hours.  If you require a shorter hunt or prefer an afternoon hunt your guide will accomodate your schedule.

How many people are allowed in a hunting party?
We prefer to have 2 hunters per guide but, by request we may accept a maximum of 3 hunters per guide.  If you have a party larger than 3, we will try to make accommodations with additional guides in a separate hunting party subject to guide availability.

Which airports are on Hawaii Island?
The Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport (airport code KOA), Hilo International Airport (airport code ITO), and Waimea-Kohala Airport (airport code MUE) are on Hawaii Island and are a short drive to Parker Ranch.


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